We believe most people really do want to have a mouth that is pain free and healthy. We also understand many people aren’t fond of going to the dentist, and to some it’s a real problem.

We think that with a caring, gentle and honest approach we can share our knowledge and give real choices in the options you have to get your mouth where you want it to be.

We are a small team in Shrewsbury who believe passionately in our work and use the latest scientific knowledge. We treat people as individuals - and why wouldn’t we? One size doesn’t fit all. So our job is to help find the right solution with you.

We can do whatever you need. This can be getting over your phobia of dentists to rebuilding your smile with implants, bridges or dentures. Or it might be that you want to improve your smile with some cosmetic dentistry. We can do very simple things like tooth whitening and minor re-contouring that can make a huge difference, to a whole smile makeover, like they do on the TV.

The main thing is to find out what you want and work with you to achieve it. And yes, we will have seen it before. However bad your mouth is we work with you to get a fresh healthy mouth and the smile you want.